Registration is now open for Minling Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche: “Letter to a Friend”

Registration is now open for
Minling Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche:
Nagarjuna's "Letter to a Friend"

We are happy to announce that registration is now open for Minling Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche's three weekend teaching program on Nagarjuna's "Letter to a Friend." This program will take place online on the Dharmashri Online Portal over three weekends: May 14th-16th, May 21st-23rd, and May 28th-30th. New teachings will be released each weekend and there will be discussion groups over Zoom on Sundays. The teachings will be prerecorded to accommodate the time zones of the world-wide sangha and the discussion groups will be scheduled by language and region. The program will be in English and will be translated into Czech, French, German, Greek, Polish, Spanish, and Chinese. The discussion groups will also be held in all the different languages.

Known as one of the Six Jewels who ornamented the Buddha's Doctrine, Nagarjuna taught extensively on all aspects of the path of Buddhadharma. "The Letter to a Friend" is an incredibly profound text that lays out the entire Mahayana path clearly and concisely for monastic and lay practitioners alike. Minling Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche will teach on this wonderful text so that students with a genuine wish to practice the Dharma may further clarify and deepen their path of practice and study. These teachings reveal the depth and profundity of this text in a clear, practical, and direct way. We look forward to hearing such wonderful teachings on this profound text and studying together with the entire worldwide sangha.

This program is open to all students and the tuition is US $250. If you already have a profile on the Dharmashri Online Portal, you may log in and register under "The Library" tab. If this is your first program on the Dharmashri Portal, please follow the link to register below.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Dharmashri Online Portal Team at info@dharmashri.org.

We hope that this program will be a wonderful period of practice and study for all students who wish to take part and who wish to further strengthen the three wisdoms of hearing, contemplating, and meditating for the benefit of all sentient beings.

With Warmest Regards,

The Dharmashri Online Portal Team

Registration: https://www.dharmashri.org/index.php/nagarjuna-letter-to-a-friend-2021/

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Mindrolling International is delighted to announce a new series of teachings from Minling Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche. Rinpoche will bestow these teachings on the profound text "Letter to a Friend" by the incomparable master Nagarjuna. The program will be online on the Dharmashri Online Portal and will be held over three weekends: May 14-16, May 21-23, and May 28-30, 2021. These teachings will be open to all students, and translations will be available in Czech, French, German, Polish, Spanish and Chinese. Registration will open Thursday, May 6th, 2021.

The peerless Nagarjuna (1st to 2nd century) revealed the Buddha's teachings of the Prajnaparamita Sutra and was one of the Six Jewels who ornamented the Buddha's doctrine. Unrivalled in his learning and accomplishment, Nagarjuna's commentaries and treatises explain the very foundation of Mahayana Buddhist philosophy and practice with great precision and clarity. Nagarjuna taught extensively on many aspects of the Buddha's teachings, and the "Letter to a Friend" is an incredible teaching that remains relevant to practitioners almost 2000 years after it was composed. In only 123 verses, Nagarjuna illuminates the entire Mahayana path and imparts meaningful practice instructions for students who wish to truly cross over the ocean of suffering.

Minling Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche will bestow this series of teachings on this wonderful text to fortunate students who wish to truly practice and deepen their understanding of the profound teachings of the great master Nagarjuna. Rinpoche's teaching and commentary bring students to a fuller and deeper understanding of the true path of the Dharma. With incredible clarity, Rinpoche reveals how such an incredible text is not only practical and accessible for students today but also cuts through the stubborn mindsets of modern practitioners to reveal how the true dharma is the only true path to finding happiness for oneself and others. Encouraging students to fully engage with the Dharma, Rinpoche shows how this confidence in the Dharma brings true joy for oneself and others that is untouched by the highs and lows of the vagaries of samsara.

The program will take place over three weekends in May and will be pre-recorded to accommodate the many different time zones of the students. Teachings will be posted on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of each weekend. The tuition for the program will be US $250. All students are welcome to join this teaching series.

We hope that this online program will be an opportunity for all students interested in the Buddhadharma to study, reflect, and meditate on these profound teachings. Connecting with one's own true sanity and wisdom through the teachings of these great masters, may all find true freedom from suffering for oneself and all sentient beings.

With Warmest Regards,

Mindrolling International

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Greetings Everyone,

As we come to the close of another year and reflect upon it, we realize yet again that no year passes without leaving behind some wisdom. Every year brings its challenges and joys and always bestows wisdom and experience should we choose to open our hearts and receive them.

This past year, in particular, has most certainly taught us so much. It has been chaotic, tragic and frustrating for millions of people and for some there was boredom, loneliness and sadness. There were acts of tremendous kindness, patience and resilience but also moments of staggering selfishness, confusion, anger and suspicion. Most of us have felt that this has been a year like none of us have ever lived through or imagined would happen in our times.

Particularly for practitioners, it has clearly shown the measure of where we are with our practice and the view of the Dharma. As practitioners, we are always told that practice is simply training for us to still hold true and steady on the path of virtue even as adversities and challenges threaten to overwhelm us. That it is at such times that we have the opportunity to hold a mirror to ourselves and look at who we are as a follower of the teachings of Buddha Shakyamuni.

This year we have seen many practitioners truly use this year’s experiences to deepen their practice, study more diligently, and take to heart the true meaning and view of Dharma. The rawness and biting edge of suffering sliced through the hearts of all who truly contemplate upon the path of bodhicitta and hold their bodhisattva vows as sacred. In-fact, that adamantine-like vow has been the greatest armor in the face of the chaos that threatened to engulf many a mind. Your practice, for so many of you, seemed to be the one beacon of sanity while navigating our even more tumultuous world.

Such practitioners have used this year’s adversities to bring the crucial teachings of the Four Reminders to the forefront of their practice. A deepened understanding of these becomes the basis for developing greater awareness of the profound truth of Dharma, the sanity that prevents one from falling into more confusion and entanglement with neurotic kleshas. This sanity gives a practitioner courage to not only transform adversities into inspiration but to have a larger vision to embrace others who are facing adversities with genuine love and friendship.

Now as we move into another year and another cycle, it is a good time to sit back and take an honest look at our lives. As practitioners who, above all, realize the fragile nature of this existence, we should reflect on what we have done with this life up to now and strategize and plot the trajectory of what we want our life to be in the future. To guide us forward as practitioners, we should reflect and meditate on how impermanent and uncertain this life is, how little we understand its transient nature, and how we have been so outwardly focused on our make-believe world. With this understanding, we will have the courage to plan a course forward that correctly aligns with the conduct of a true Dharma practitioner.

Sadly, this year has also shown how, when our daily practice and devotion are weak, our fear and attachment to self can easily engulf us in the throes of their display and drive us headlong back into samsara.

We imagine that somehow clinging even more tightly to our old habits will somehow protect us from the sufferings of the world. The time to recognize this and correct it is right now. If we have not been steadfast in guarding our minds against samsaric ways of thinking, may this very moment be an opportunity to leave these old, tired habits behind us.

- 2 -

As we usher in another year, we all bring to our mind and dedicate our prayers to all those who have died, who are suffering and so many more who are facing immensely difficult times. We especially pray for the good health and long lives of all those brave people: the frontline workers, teachers, healthcare workers, and so many like them, who have tirelessly devoted themselves to the wellbeing and safety of others.

I would especially like to thank our sangha for reaching out to one another and supporting each other this year. There have been so many of you, who through your kindness and friendship, have taken care of one another and stepped in when sangha members needed help and support. In a year where many have been alone and unable to see their friends and loved ones, it has been wonderful to see this worldwide community that, without needing to do anything in particular, is a strong resource and support for all its members.

Through the incredible vision, guidance, and hard work of Jetsün Dechen Paldrön, this year saw the creation of the Dharmashri Online Portal. It has been a wonderful way for the Mindrolling community around the world to practice and study when we were not able to have our usual gatherings. We are so happy that sangha members old and new were able to meet and engage in studies together this way. We offer our deepest gratitude to Jetsünla, without whom the project would never have been possible, and to the entire team that worked on it including Lisa, Zuzana, Alex, Dean, Roar, Jeannie and so many others. I would also like to thank all our wonderful Dharma Instructors who have supported the hundreds of students around the world. We hope this new avenue of teaching and study will continue to be of benefit to practitioners for a long time to come.

In addition, I would like to thank all the members of the Mindrol Lekshey training program that began this year. Through all the difficulties of lockdowns, restricted travel, work schedules, and long distances, most of the members of this team of students remained steadfast and continued to practice, study, and serve the Dharma in whatever ways were needed. They led study groups, organized to support fellow sangha members, continued to study online, and showed how a strong Dharma community can thrive, even when faced with such profound outward difficulties.

Now as we look ahead, it will be foolish if we are not careful to use all this year’s experiences and take time to examine and reflect on what they have shown us. It is important that we think carefully as to how have we approached this year's experiences and what wisdom can we now take into 2021?

Moving ahead what will we do with this deeper, more profound understanding of impermanence that we acquired this year?

Will we fall back into habitual tendencies or like a true practitioner, worthy of being called a Vajrayana practitioner, transform the poison into amrita?

Will this painful, difficult 2020 bring individual growth, renewed vigor to practice and deepen our commitment to truly practice the precious Dharma, as if one’s hair is on fire?

These are the questions we perhaps need to ask ourselves at the end of a year everyone cannot wait to be over.

So often we imagine we are practicing, but times like this past year allow us to stop and ask ourselves: how far have we progressed on our dharma path, especially in our devotion and refuge?

These two aspects of Dharma form the very foundation of a practitioner’s life.

- 3 -

Difficulties come, but to overcome them, one needs to be strong. And true strength comes only through spiritual knowledge. Blindly rushing here and there mimicking the conduct of a practitioner without having taken time to cultivate true knowledge and understanding of the dharma will prove to be a big mistake. However, having cultivated the view of the dharma, a practitioner with strong refuge and devotion will easily find the strength to be centered.

All kinds of abundance come with devotion, and devotion becomes complete with true spiritual knowledge. You get both devotion and knowledge through meditation. And those who persevere with meditation and watch their own mind, will always find strength and an unshakable smile in their hearts and on their faces.

When one gets caught in the grip of self-cherishing mind, we make ourselves and others unhappy. Foolishly, we do not realize that we can use this mind either to create well-being or misery for ourselves. Everyone has this choice. Every moment, we must check whether we are choosing self-cherishing or whether we are choosing equanimity and samadhi, which are the deepest rest and a space from where joy and beauty blossom.

Are we relaxedly focusing and abiding in this ground of awareness? And is this building within us the courage to go beyond self-cherishing ?

Distilling all that we have learned as practitioners, we should recognize that life is just a certain amount of time and energy. We give it all kinds of pretty names. We like some parts and not others, but from the practical perspective of a dharma practitioner, it is quite simple: putting whatever time and energy we have to maximum use for everyone's well-being is all that matters.

What matters is bringing sanity amidst chaos with the wisdom of Dharma. Illuminating the world with gentleness and compassion, bringing joy where everything appears to be filled with hopelessness, being a source of simplicity in the face of complications and wisdom amidst foolishness is Dharma in action.

When there is chaos, there is confusion. At such times, and when there are problems all around you, then calmness is needed the most. It is then that wisdom is most valuable. When life’s challenges strike, that is when all the knowledge and skillful methods we have been studying and practicing are to be applied. When people blame you, when they do not understand you, that is when you need the inner strength to be patient and remain unperturbed. When things do not go the way you want them to, that is when you need the endurance, the strength, and the courage to continue on and not be disheartened.

With such courage and deep awareness, as we all enter the New Year together, may we all reflect and learn from this past year. May we all plot a fresh course, leaving behind old samsaric habits and ideas. May all acquire true knowledge, strength, and clarity through the Four Reminders, Refuge, and devotion. With an unshakable understanding of the truth of the Dharma in our hearts, may everyone become true embodiments of Dharma in action: sources of compassion, hope, joy, simplicity, and wisdom for the world.

I pray that each and every one of you have a wonderful New Year and that 2021 is a kinder, gentler and more sane year for the entire world. May the buddhas and bodhisattvas continuously shower their blessings and may they never be weary of us. May goodness and happiness prevail! May all find courage, wisdom and serenity.

Jetsünla, Mayumla, Dungse Rinpoche, Jetsün Rinpoche, Britton la and I are joined by all the monks, nuns, and staff of Mindrolling International in sending you all our prayers and very best wishes.


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Klik på linket for at læse om Mindrolling Internationals aktiviteter i 2020 på Mindrolling Lotus Gardens hjemmeside: LINK


Please click on the link to read about Mindrolling International Activities in 2020: LINK





Mindrol Lekshey Online: Curriculum Review and Teachings


“Mindrol Lekshey provides a framework of everything that is possible to be transmitted for a practitioner to be fully equipped in their practice. How you make use of this to engage in the practices and bring them to fruition is entirely up to you.”

—Mindrolling Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche


We hope that everyone is well and send many greetings to all our friends around the world. Due to the current events of the ongoing pandemic and keeping everyone’s safety in mind, we will not be holding any summer programs at Mindrolling Lotus Garden this year. We continue to monitor the situation and are looking to see what possibilities the fall and winter may bring. During this time, we encourage everyone to stay safe and follow the guidelines set by your local health care authorities and the worldwide organizations monitoring the pandemic. This will be the first time in 17 years since Lotus Garden has been established that we will not be able to gather on the land.

To make the best out of the current situation, we are very happy to announce a two-week online course of review and teachings. This two-week program will begin on the auspicious day of Chökhor Düchen, July 24th 2020, which celebrates the Buddha’s First Turning of the Wheel of Dharma. With sincerest aspirations to keep the continuity of the precious stream of teachings we have had the good fortune of receiving every year from Her Eminence Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche, and to persevere in our own study and practice, we are inviting old and new students of all levels to partake in this precious opportunity to practice and study together.

The backbone of any practitioner’s journey along the path is the sincere and regular application of the three branches of hearing, contemplating, and meditating. Her Eminence Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche feels it is of the utmost importance to maintain this continuity through first hearing the teachings which then makes clear how one should contemplate and meditate upon them. In keeping with these instructions, Rinpoche has suggested the following curriculum for everyone to undertake.

- 2 -


In 2017, Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche began a multiple-year cycle of teachings based on Longchen Rabjam’s classic commentary, The Great Chariot, on resting the mind in natural ease. He composed this text “so that its readers could cross completely the ocean of sufferings of samsara to the fruition of Buddhahood.” Longchenpa (1308-1364) was a great scholar and meditation master of the Nyingma lineage. This great master was also a prolific writer and is considered one of the foremost masters in the transmission of the dzogchen lineage.

With the guidance of Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche, Longchenpa’s teachings will be presented from their beginning in a manner that will facilitate how to bring in-depth understanding of the Buddhist path into daily life. All practitioners, including those entering the path of practice, will greatly benefit from these teachings.

We will begin our review with Year 1 (2017) of Rinpoche’s teachings on The Great Chariot. This six-talk series will lay the foundation for the continued in-depth study and review of Year 2 (2018) and Year 3 (2019). This first two-week series will cover Year 1 of Rinpoche’s teachings.
Please note that the recordings from Year 1 (2017) and Year 2 (2018) are audio only, but for Year 3 (2019) there are video recordings.
Future online programs will cover Rinpoche’s teachings from Year 2 and Year 3. Students who follow the online reviews of Years 1, 2 and 3 will then be well prepared to receive further teachings when Rinpoche begins the Year 4 cycle of the Great Chariot teachings.

Teachings will be released on a scheduled basis for students to follow along sequentially. Once they are released, they will remain available for students to listen to as their individual schedules permit for the duration of the two-week program.

- 3 -

Review Sessions

To take time to review the teachings and provide an outline of key points from each talk, senior students of Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche will lead 6 review sessions to help guide participants and answer any questions.

Teachings and Instructions from Rinpoche

Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche will speak with students each week and give additional teachings on The Great Chariot. Rinpoche will guide all students and give practical instructions for how to incorporate these teachings fully into our lives through the approach of hearing, contemplating, and meditating.

Program Schedule and Daily Practice Schedule

A two-week daily program schedule will be provided. We recommend that everyone participating keep to the program schedule diligently, just as you would if you were attending a program in person. A daily practice schedule will also be included to further strengthen and deepen the approach of hearing, contemplating, and meditating. Should your work or personal schedule not permit you to follow the schedule entirely, you may follow at your own pace and modify as needed.

Registration and Tuition

WHO MAY ATTEND: This two-week online course is being made available for students of all levels.

TUITION: The tuition for this online program is $200 ($180 for members).

Please note: Mindrolling Lotus Garden Members receive a 10% discount on all programs. If you would like more information on becoming a member and supporting the activities of Mindrolling Lotus Garden, please follow this link: https://www.lotusgardens.org/office/membership/


If you have questions about registration, the online portal, financial assistance etc., please send a mail to registration@lotusgardens.org.

With regards to reviews on Zoom or other concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at event@samtentse.dk.

To register please visit: https://www.lotusgardens.org/registration-mindrol-lekshey-online-2020/

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Pga. Covid-19 situation i hele verden og de enkelte landes restriktioner kan HE Mindrolling Jetsün Khandro Rinpoches forårstour i Europa desværre ikke gennemføres som planlagt. Alle belæringer, inkl. retræten i Danmark, er derfor udskudt. Vi vil opdatere retrætedeltagere pr. mail, når der er nyt, og håber, at vi snart kan mødes igen. 


 We are sorry to inform you that given the current situation with Covid-19 and the related restrictions throughout the world, HE Mindrolling Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche´s spring teachings in Europa unfortunately cannot proceed as originally scheduled. All teachings, incl. the retreat in Denmark, have therefore been postponed. We will keep retreat participants posted by mail. Thank you for your understanding and hope to see you in the near future. 



Vi må beklageligvis udskyde åbning for tilmelding til næste Minling Dorsem retræte på Møn Retreat Center pga. COVID-19 situationen. Vi vil holde retrætedeltagere orienteret pr. mail, så snart vi har øvrige opdateringer. Opdateringer vil også være at finde her under "Nyheder". Tak for forståelsen og pas godt på jer selv!


We are sorry to inform you that the opening of retreat registration for the next Minling Dorsem Retreat in Moen Retreat Center has been postponed due to the COVID-19 situation. We will keep retreat participants posted via mail as soon as we have further updates. Please also refer to new posts on this website.  Thank you for your understanding and take good care.



Dear Everyone,

At the dawn of the lunar year of the Metal Rat, Jetsun la and I join all of us at Mindrolling in wishing you all a very Happy Losar.

We send this wish with prayers and aspirations that each one of you will enjoy a wonderful and healthy year in 2020. But amongst everything else that one may aspire for, may this year bring you tremendous progress in fulfilling your aspirations of accomplishing the Dharma. May the buddhas and bodhisattvas continually shower all with their blessings and protection.

As practitioners, whilst we may still have many plans and longings, we need to continually remind ourselves that ultimately nothing has more true meaning nor is a true source of refuge other than the precious Dharma. Therefore, it is important that while we may continue to plan and have goals, we do not neglect to direct all these towards their becoming a support for Dharma and in creating a tendrel for deepening our understanding and practicing the precious teachings. Let this New Year bring in a renewed resolve to go a little further, take a few more steps towards our path to enlightenment. It is important that every year, we make as much effort as possible to go a little further so that our growth does not stagnate. It is imperative that we never lose our childlike enthusiasm and joy on the path of practice. May our diligence, joy and humor on the path of practice keep our steps light and steady as we walk towards complete awakening.

As we usher another year in, let us all join together in our aspirations for the world we all live in today. May the light of the teachings shine brilliantly in all directions and serve as a beacon of sanity and refuge. May obstacles of war and disease be dispelled and may all beings make a connection with kindness and wisdom. May truth and justice not just be high minded ideas but actual ideals cherished and implemented by those in power. May freedom and wellness be within the reach of all beings and may happiness and harmony abound. May the environment and all beings find balance and peaceful coexistence. May virtue and goodness prevail in all directions.

Joining Jetsunla and I in sending you prayers and best wishes are Minling Sangyum Kushog, Dungse Rinpoche, Jetsun Rinpoche and all Mindrolling Sangha gathered here at Mindrolling.




To all our dearest friends,

Many warm greetings to everyone and we wish you all a very happy New Year.

It is that time of the year again when we usher in another New Year and get ready to say our farewell to yet another year of our lives. Jetsunla and I send you all our warmest wishes and pray that the coming year be filled with joy and ever-blossoming wisdom.

I remember as a child thinking that a whole year is so long. Twelve months, thirty odd days a month, fifty-two weeks, three hundred and sixty five days—all this would seem like an eternity. Whenever, I asked a question to which the answer was "next year," it would seem like a period too far away to even plan for or think about in the present.

But I am sure, along with me, many of you too will feel as we grow older, that the years now just pass by in leaps and bounds. A year seems to just swiftly pass by and the past twelve months seem nothing more than a fleeting moment.

As is said,

"The three realms of existence are as transient as autumn clouds.
The birth and death of beings are like a theatrical performance.
The lives of beings pass by like a flash of lightening in the sky,
Rushing down like a cascading waterfall down a steep mountain."
The flow of time is both inevitable and inexorable. And with each passing year, the years become more fleeting. The flow of time seems that much more swift. Yet, as practitioners, we have a choice. A choice of whether we will allow the flow of time to just carry us like a windswept leaf or choose to live with deepened awareness making each passing day matter.

How do we do that?

How do we make each day matter instead of just floating through the dizzying haze that the world seems to be sometimes?

We are not talking about accomplishing something great each day but rather, that each day we wake up to a little more joy, a little more acceptance and a little more clarity.

Joy that one is alive and open to a world of possibilities. Acceptance that things may not always be perfect and we may have some ways to go but that at least we have started on the journey and the potential to achieve goodness, is very accessible. And clarity that while time passes and the truth of impermanence manifests in manifold ways, there is but still something good in that.

The passage of time teaches us and makes us wiser if we are aware of all its lessons. The good that happens enriches us and empowers us. The bad gives us some bitter lessons but also brings to mind that everything passes.

As my teacher always used to say, "Even the worst of things that can happen to you has a helpful lesson somewhere in it for you to learn and benefit from. You have to just see it and take from it the lesson it bestows."

This year I have been thinking a great deal on the theme of metamorphosis. The change that is possible only due to the very nature of all things being subject to change. And we can choose what our metamorphosis will be like because like it or not, we will change.

When we meet our old friends whom we have not seen since childhood or college years, we are often surprised by how much they have changed. Similarly, it is so with friends or family we don't see for many years. And in their eyes, it is inevitable that we too will seem different and changed.

Now it is really up to us what they will see.

What have we morphed into from our old days and old ways?

Sometimes I find it a fun exercise to picture a meeting between my younger and older selves and what we would tell each other. It is a fun thing to try each New Year.

For me personally, the passage of time has brought me to an awareness, that one of the ways not to be windswept by outer circumstances, is to break free of whatever routines and systems we make for ourselves.

- 2 -

There is the danger of forgetting to reflect on the passing of time and remain stuck to what is familiar, safe and stagnant.

Pride and insecurity, both actually just the two sides of the same coin, often cushion themselves on what is familiar. And familiarity finds its most discomfort in change. We can get stuck, hesitant to take a leap and shed our old beliefs and dogmas.

When we do that, time seems to just race by as we live each passing year like the last year and the year before that and so on.

Therefore, the New Year is a good year to seize control and decide that yes, this is the year I will have the courage to take the leap—to metamorphosize into all that I can be without limiting myself and giving into self-doubt. It is the time to embrace change for the better or at least give it all you have got so that in the end, there are no regrets.

The movement of time is constant, but if one is wise, this movement of time and its transient nature teaches us something very profound. Real celebration is the celebration of this wisdom.

This New Year, let us celebrate this wisdom that change can possibly be an agent of a beautiful metamorphosis. A true transformation can only begin when one has the courage to let go off the things that bind us more than free us.

May as we move into a new year and a new decade, resolve to give rise to the wisdom and courage that allows the change to bring the best that is within us. And may this innate beauty and extraordinary potential become the basis of sanity and happiness for all.

On behalf of Minling Sangyum Kushog, Jetsün Rinpoche, Dungse Rinpoche, Jetsunla and the Mindrolling Sangha here, I send our very warmest and heartfelt wishes to all of you for a truly wonderful New Year filled with delight and auspiciousness!



- 3 -



Det er med stor glæde, at vi nu kan annoncere datoerne for H.E. Mindrolling Jetsün Khandro Rinpoches tredje Minling Dorsem retræte i Danmark 2020. Det vil finde sted d. 14.-17. maj 2020 på Møn Retreat Center. Der er tale om en fortsættelse af undervisningen i 2018 og 2019. I sidste halvdel af marts 2020 åbnes der for tilmelding.

UPDATE: Åbning for tilmelding til næste retræte i Danmark er udskudt pga. COVID-19 situationen. Alle opdateringer vil ske her på siden under 'Nyheder' samt pr. mail.


We are very happy to announce the dates for H.E. Mindrolling Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche's third Minling Dorsem retreat in Denmark 2020. It will take place May 14th-17th 2020 at Moen Retreat Center. Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche will continue the teachings from 2018 and 2019. Registration for the retreat opens in the latter part of March 2020.

UPDATE: Opening of retreat registration has been postponed due to the COVID-19 situation. For further updates, please refer to 'News' on this website as well as to your mail.



Så er der åbnet for tilmeldinger til den anden Minling Dorsem retræte med HE Mindrolling Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche.
Retræten finder sted d. 11.-14. juli 2019 på Møn Retreat & Kursuscenter, Askeby.
Der er ankomst for deltagere d. 11. juli kl. 12-15.
Retræten slutter d. 14. juli efter frokost.
Har du ikke deltaget i den første Minling Dorsem retræte i 2018 og er interesseret i at deltage i denne cyklus af belæringer, bedes du hurtigst muligt maile til info@samtentse.dk.


Minling Dorsem Retreat
July 11th-14th
Registration is now open

Registration for the second Minling Dorsem retreat with HE Mindroling Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche is now open.
The retreat will take place July 11th-14th at Moen Retreat Center, Askeby.
Arrival on July 11th is between noon and 3pm.
The retreat ends July 14th after lunch.
If you have not participated in the first Minling Dorsem retreat in 2018 and would like to join the Minling Dorsem Cycle of Teachings, please send a mail as soon as possible to info@samtentse.dk.



H.E. Mindrolling Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche har igen i år taget imod en invitation fra Buddhistisk Bisættelses Forening og vil indvie stupaen på Bispebjerg Kirkegård og give en bardo empowerment.

Buddhistisk Bisættelses Forening inviterer efterfølgende alle fremmødte til at deltage i en "sammenskudsbuffet" ved Lotus Søen lige ved stupaen. Medbring venligst en vegetarisk ret og/eller drikkevarer (vand, juice, sodavand og lign.) og/eller kaffe/the på termokande. Foreningen sørger for engangsservice.

Der er kun få stole til rådighed, så medbring desuden et tæppe til at sidde på under hele arrangementet.

Bispebjerg Kirkegård ved den buddhistiske urnehal og stupaen
Frederiksborgvej 125
2400 København NV

9. juli 2019, kl. 15
Mød gerne op kl. 14 og giv en hånd med ved forberedelserne.
Alle bedes være ankommet senest kl. 14.30 til indvielsen af stupaen og bardo empowerment.

Hvis I har spørgsmål, bedes I checke www.buddhistisk-bisaettelse.dk eller kontakte Ani Ea, mobil 5267 6786.

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H.E. Mindrolling Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche has again this year most kindly accepted an invitation from Buddhist Cremation Society ("Foreningen Buddhistisk Bisaettelse") and will inaugurate the Stupa on Bispebjerg Cemetery, Copenhagen, and in addition give a bardo empowerment.

Furthermore Buddhist Cremation Society invites everybody to join a ”potluck buffet” by the Lotus Lake next to the Stupa afterwards. Please bring a vegetarian dish to share and/or alternatively beverages (water, juice, soft drinks) or tea/coffee in thermos. Disposable plates, cutlery and cups will be available.

For both arrangements there will be only very few chairs available, so please bring a picnic blanket to sit on.

Bispebjerg Cemetery - the Buddhist Columbarium and Stupa
Frederiksborgvej 125
2400 Copenhagen NV

July 9th 2019, 3 PM
Please arrive by 2 pm to help with setting up the venue and buffet and well in advance, at the latest at 2.30 pm, for the inauguration and empowerment.

If you have questions please check www.buddhistisk-bisaettelse.dk where updates will be posted or contact Ani Ea +45 5267 6786.


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Vi åbner for tilmeldinger til H.E. Mindrolling Jetsün Khandro Rinpoches andet Minling Dorsem retræte, som finder sted 11.-14. juli 2019 på Møn Retreat Center i slutningen af april og senest 1. maj 2019. Flere informationer følger snarest.

The registration for H.E. Mindrolling Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche's second Minling Dorsem retreat at Moen Retreat Center, Denmark, will open at the latest May 1st 2019. More information will follow in due course.



Greetings to you all on the occasion of another New Year.

Jetsunla and I are joined by Dungse Rinpoche, Jetsun Rinpoche, Minling Sangyum Kushog, Britton la and the monastic and lay Sangha of Mindrolling in wishing you all a most happy and healthy New Year 2019.
Time continues to flow on and we are here today ushering in another year of our lives.
As we look back at the year that is ending and look forward into the future to the year that is dawning, one cannot not feel the poignancy of impermanence. Change or impermanence is the very foundational thought that we try to keep in mind as Dharma practitioners and taking a really close look at impermanence brings forth the very ephemeral quality of all phenomena.
I recently watched a 15 second video on the death of a single cell and it was quite amazing to watch the dissolution of a living thing. To think, that we are all composed of trillions of cells each going through their own life cycle is fascinating and paints a very vivid picture of the impermanent nature of all things.
The flow of time and the impermanence of all phenomena is inevitable but understanding impermanence allows us to rest in ease when facing suffering and challenges and hopefully encourages us to release some of those things that we seemingly hold on to just a bit too tightly. Impermanence lets know that ' this too will pass', and it allows for the renewal of many things, giving us all a fresh view and another chance at things. It can also help develop a sense of appreciating the good things but not holding on to them so tightly, quite like the Japanese appreciation for the blooming of cherry blossoms and seeing their beauty as the very poignant and ephemeral quality of beauty. Truly understanding impermanence can help lead to facing whatever life offers with more equanimity.

The passing of another year is a good time to collect our thoughts and "regroup" our commitment to the path of hearing and contemplating. If we look back at our year and see a less than stellar year of practice, it is a good time to hit the refresh button. But this must be done with a sense of joy and enthusiasm. It can indeed be difficult to muster enthusiasm as more and more years pile up but it is integral to try and do so in our practice because a sense of jadedness and lack of joy can slowly seep in and make practice too just a case of going through the motions.
Instead if we think of the inconceivable marvel that is the Buddhadharma and how meeting it has indeed been like finding the most precious jewel in a heap of dust, that childlike wonder can help sustain our practice and unfurl the brilliance within our daily study and practice.

Throughout the year, many of us keep ourselves preoccupied with numerous attempts, which are often oblivious and sometimes with sophistry, to try and keep things constant and unchanging.
But the year changes and gently we are all reminded that change is inevitable.

Impermanence can be brought to mind to truly be a "thought that transforms the mind."
It makes us see not just the birth, old age, sickness and death that is everywhere but also the vivid fluidity of every single thing in the universe— the constant motion, constant search, constant hope, constant growth, constant decay—bringing to mind the very fundamental teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha.
It is when we recognize this incessant movement, both subtle and gross, that we then realize that true refuge lies only in the stillness of a mind that rests in itself and the joy that unfurls from within.
May each one of us find that immutable, invincible joy!

And now, as one old year gives way to a new year, we remember our many friends and loved ones, who have moved on. We turn our mind towards many more of our Sangha brothers and sisters, who have faced health and other challenges this past year and are all bravely meeting this adversity in marvelous ways by keeping the view of the Dharma and devotion to the Three Jewels and the Three Roots at heart. I encourage all of you to spend this new year dedicating prayers for all of our Sangha friends and for all sentient beings in difficult situations and living in a time when the world itself seems changed and unpredictable.

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Since something infinitesimal to the world at large, changes and is in a constant flux, we find that the only real constant is change itself.
What to do with this inevitable change is how our metal as a practitioner is tested. As we change the calendar, we need to bring a positive change in ourselves as well.
We must all renew our commitment to our path of practice—that we will dedicate a little more effort, a little more time with a little less self-absorption into our practice each and every day of this coming year. That we will find true joy in having met the precious Buddhadharma and that joy will propel us forward with more courage and devotion to truly embody a practitioner of the teachings of Gautama Buddha.
And so, as we move into another new year, I encourage everyone to reflect on the gift of this precious life with its extraordinary potential and the profound Dharma that allows us to recognize this.
May each one of us, bring into our awareness, the innate basic goodness and courageously build its potential to a powerful declaration of kindness and patience.
As is said
"Knowing others is intelligence, knowing yourself is true wisdom.
Mastering others is strength, mastering yourself is true power."
May each one of you find courage, wisdom, support, blessings and love and May all obstacles in your life be dispelled. May this New Year bring a deepened understanding of the profound Buddhadharma within our minds and increased sanity in the world outside.
With all my love,

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Det glæder os meget at kunne meddele, at vi nu har fået datoerne for Mindrolling Jetsün Khandro Rinpoches anden Minling Dorsem retræte i Danmark 2019. Det vil finde sted d. 11.-14. juli 2019 på Møn Retreat Center. Der er tale om en fortsættelse af Rinpoches undervisning i 2018. Omkring 1. maj 2019 åbnes der for tilmeldinger.


We are very happy to announce the dates for Mindrolling Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche's second Minling Dorsem retreat in Denmark 2019. It will take place July 11-14th 2019 on Moen Retreat Center. Rinpoche will continue her teachings from 2018. Registration for the retreat will open around May 1st 2019.



H.E. Mindrolling Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche vil indvie jord til en stupa ved den Buddhistiske Urnehal på Bispebjerg Kirkegård.
Indvielsen er arrangeret af Buddhistisk Bisættelse. Deltagere bedes møde op kl. ca. 15.30 og samles ved Den Buddhistiske Urnehal, Frederiksborgvej 123, 2400 Kbh. NV, d. 6. juni kl. 15.45.



Det glæder os meget at kunne fortælle, at den første Minling Dorsem retræte med H.E. Mindrolling Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche i Danmark nu er åben for tilmelding. Retræten finder sted 7.-10. juni 2018.

Chögyal Terdak Lingpa, (1646-1714) Mindrollinglinjens grundlægger, fandt i 1667 de meget værdifulde Ati Zabdön cyklus af belæringer også kendt som Minling Dorsem cyklus af belæringer. Belæringerne blev samlet og kommenteret af Terdak Lingpas yngste bror, den store oversætter Lochen Dharmashri.
Teksten er en integreret præsentation af hele den buddhistiske praksisvej. Den er altomfattende og komplet idet den omfatter både de forberedende praksisser såvel som de højeste atiyoga meditationer.


 We are delighted to announce that the first Minling Dorsem Retreat in Denmark led by H.E. Mindrolling Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche is now open for registration.

Chögyal Terdak Lingpa ( 1646-1714), founder of the Mindrolling Lineage, in 1667 discovered the very precious Ati Zabdön Cycle of teachings also known as the Minling Dorsem cycle of Teachings. These teachings were compiled and commented by Lochen Dharmashri, the youngest brother of Terdak Lingpa and a great translator. The text is an integrated presentation of the entire Buddhist path of practice. It is complete in encompassing the preliminary practices as well as the highest atiyoga meditations.



Many warm greetings and best wishes to everyone on the occasion of the dawning of the New Year 2018.
May the coming year bring the flourishing of innate joy, wisdom and courage and stabilization in your practice of the precious Dharma.
May the blessings of the Three Jewels be with you at all times and may merit and auspiciousness thrive in your life.
May basic sanity prevail in the midst of chaos and confusion.
May basic goodness pervade and sometimes be discovered where you least expect it and may laughter and a sense of humor and irony be your constant and supportive friend through good times and bad.
I send all my prayers and love to you and join the entire Mindrolling family and Sangha in our aspiration for your long and fruitful life.



Det er med glæde, at vi nu kan annoncere datoerne for Rinpoches næste retræte i Danmark:

7.-10. juni 2018

Så sæt kryds i kalenderen! Vi er allerede i gang med de første forberedelser til Minling Dorsem retræten 2018.
Kurset afholdes som en retræte med overnatninger. Så snart der er mere nyt, vil interesserede få besked via nyhedsmail såvel som her på siden.



Vi har modtaget indbydelse til Mindrolling Retreat i 2018, som videregives her til alle, der måtte være interesserede.
Startdatoen er den 2. februar 2018, og retræten slutter den 13. februar.
Programmet vil bestå af belæringer givet af H.E. Mindrolling Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche, ligesom der vil være tid til personlig praksis og perioder med gruppemeditation.




Indledende undervisning der fører frem til Ati Zabdön cyklus af belæringer



On behalf of Mindrolling International we are delighted to announce a five week intensive retreat at Mindrolling Monastery, which will take place from January 15th to February 21st 2017.

This retreat will be an opportunity for practitioners to strengthen their practice within the supporting framework of a silent sessions retreat in the sacred environment of the Mindrolling Monastery. Her Eminence Mindrolling Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche will bestow teachings throughout this retreat. Rinpoche would like this retreat to be open to practitioners who have received numerous teachings and require now to dedicate time to intensive practice in order to further deepen their understanding of the precious Dharma. It will provide one with the precious opportunity to work with the various teachings and practices one has received within the framework of a disciplined and scared environment. It will thus enable practitioners to truly strengthen and deepen one's practice of the Buddhadharma and bring the view into meditation and action.




Vi har nu fået dato for Mindrolling Jetsün Khandro Rinpoches kursus i København 2017.

Det bliver 3 hverdage: 9. 10. og 11. maj.

Kurset afholdes i Phendeling, og vi regner med undervisning sen eftermiddag og aften.

Mere information følger.

Bedste hilsner

Samten Tse Danmark



Guru Rinpoche, Buddha of the three times,
Lord of all siddhis who is the one of great bliss,
Dispeller of all obstacles, wrathful tamer of Mara,
We supplicate you; please grant your blessings.
Grant your blessings that outer, inner
and secret obstacles be pacified
And that our intentions be spontaneously accomplished.

Greetings to everyone on the eve of the Fire Monkey Year.

As another year ends and the morrow brings in the beginning of another lunar year, we at Mindrolling wish you a harmonious new year filled with contentment and happiness.

For those of us blessed with the connection to Guru Rinpoche, this Year of the Monkey is a special year that only comes once every 12 years. Although capturing the life, activities and meaning of the great Guru of Oddiyana is like measuring the sky, from a conventional perspective, it is said that this great second Buddha manifested as the Lotus Born in the Year of the Monkey.

It is extremely fortunate that we are all able to celebrate this special year in 2016. And as we begin this year with renewed vigor and enthusiasm to be a true Dharma practitioner not just in name but also in meaning, let us pledge ourselves that we will take our practice that much further; we will put that much extra effort to be kinder and we will push ourselves a little harder to be more patient. We will, in this year of Guru Padmasambhava, try our best to embody his teachings and take another step, no matter how big or small, closer to enlightenment. Let us not fall into laziness, excuses and stagnation but look to welcome this year with freshness and vitality injected into our daily practice.

So, let us take this opportunity to find joy and a sense of eagerness in bringing richness to our practice. Let us find time to celebrate the goodness and virtue we can give rise to in our lives.

Celebration is not just eating, drinking, play and entertainment and mindless activities. As practitioners we should learn to celebrate—

Celebrate the wonderful innate qualities of kindness and love.

Celebrate the ability to give happiness to others.

Celebrate contentment and simplicity.

Celebrate that fact that you are human with boundless goodness.

Celebrate who you are and how you can evolve to being the source of joy to all.

Celebrate how far you have come and all that has led you to this point.

Celebrate the opportunity to practice the Dharma.

Celebrate silence.

Celebrate solitude.

Celebrate small moments of joy.

Celebrate all beings and your inter-connectedness to all.

Celebrate every moment knowing that each moment carries the full potential of liberation.

Celebrate not just once the new year but each new moment as it arises.

Celebrate the fact that the glorious gurus of the lineage appeared and gave rise to immeasurable benefit.

Celebrate the happiness and success of others.

Celebrate virtue and merit.

- 2 -

There are all these many simple and yet very powerful ways we can celebrate together. And what does it mean when we say “celebrate?” To celebrate is to take a moment to pause, reflect and then give rise to pure joy which fills us with renewed vigor and resolve to persevere on our path of practice. Celebration should lead us to think, “Yes, everything may not be perfect but we are still here, there’s still goodness and we have much to be joyful about and much to preserve and much to improve upon.” True celebration brings appreciation, strengthened vows and vitality in our practice and lives.

So let us celebrate in the true sense—not in the conventional sense of partying and self-congratulatory dullness but with enthusiasm and the fresh bloom of joyful resolve to go further on our path to true awakening.

Minling Dungse Rinpoche, Jetsün Gautami Rinpoche and all of us at Mindrolling Ladrang and Mindrolling and Samten Tse send our Losar Greetings and prayers to you all.


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H.E. Mindrolling Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche har nævnt, at den bedste praksis for studerende i forbindelse med en stor mesters parinirvana er guruyoga. Tilbed guruen med en hjertefølt hengivenhed, akkumuler Guru Rinpoche mantraet og reciter bønner til Guru Rinpoche.

H.E. Mindrolling Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche has said that the best practice for students to do at a time of parinirvana of a sublime teacher is guruyoga. Supplicating the guru with heartfelt devotion, accumulating the mantra of Guru Rinpoche, and reciting prayers to Guru Rinpoche.